Hunger is not an isolated experience. Nearly one in five Ohioans live without access to enough healthy food.

At the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, we know the statistics. But it can be easy to ignore the reality of hunger when it is disguised in numbers and figures. The reality of hunger can best be explained by the people who experience it firsthand, and we invite you to read some of their stories.

While working on this project, we spoke with people from every area of Ohio. We found hunger in rural, urban, and suburban communities. We spoke with seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, working parents, and adults struggling with unemployment. And with each conversation, we learned more about the root causes of hunger and the tremendous difficulty of coping with hunger.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the people who agreed to share their experiences. We hope that their stories inform you about the reality of hunger in our state and empower you to join with us to take action against it. Hunger is a complex problem, and we can only address it by working together.

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