The Ohio Benefit Bank

Counselor Resources

This is a place where counselors and site administrators can sign up for trainings and webinars, order free marketing materials, download customizable documents, and more.

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History and Overview

The Ohio Benefit Bank™ is an innovative online service that we implement in partnership with the State of Ohio, four federal agencies, eight state agencies, and more than 1,000 faith-based and community organizations. Its purpose is to connect Ohio’s families with work support programs and tax credits.

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Become an OBB Site

Organizations that want to better serve Ohioans by offering free tax and/or benefits application assistance can learn more about becoming an OBB site through a three-step process. Click "learn more" and then choose "Become a Site" on the landing page.

Learn More About Become an OBB Site » is the portal to The Benefit Bank online service, where Ohioans can file their taxes and apply for benefits electronically.

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