March 23, 2015
What The Jobs Report Doesn't Tell You

As the nation emerges from the recession, people look to several measures to determine just how far we have come back and how far we have to go. Economic recovery can become a matter of perspective. "Poverty is complex," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt. "And a job doesn't mean a living anymore."

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March 10, 2015
Many Ohioans living paycheck to paycheck, report shows

Nearly half of Ohio households are getting by paycheck to paycheck. Teetering on the edge of financial disaster, they lack the financial reserves to stay out of poverty for three months should they lose their job or face a medical emergency, or their car breaks down. Nearly 1 in 3 fall into poverty temporarily because of an unanticipated crisis and the lack of financial cushion.

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March 1, 2015
Foodbank Leader Receives National Award

During today's National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference, held in Washington, D.C., Ohio Association of Foodbanks executive director Lisa Hamler-Fugitt was named the 2015 Dick Goebel Public Service Award recipient. Recipients of this award exemplify public service to their communities, extensive public policy advocacy and tireless energy and creativity in developing solutions to help reach those struggling with hunger.

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