February 13, 2018
Press Statement in Response to President Trump's Budget

"These continued attacks on proven programs that help tens of millions of low-income Americans achieve better health, higher productivity and increased financial stability are shameful. We call on Ohio's congressional delegation to speak loudly and stand firmly against these attempts to punish average American families and widen income inequality in our country."

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January 31, 2018
Letter: Medicaid and SNAP aren't job programs

"Taking food stamps away from people already living on the margins has led to increased demand on our charitable hunger relief network, rather than increased access to work. Taking Medicaid away by imposing similar work requirements will undoubtedly lead to poorer health outcomes."

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January 27, 2018
Letter: SNAP rules keep many hungry

"Make no mistake: cutting spending on a nutrition program that keeps kids, people with disabilities, low-wage workers and older adults from going hungry is bad governing."

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