May 4, 2020
LISTEN: Sidelined by the Pandemic? AmeriCorps Could Use Your Help

Ohioans sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic have an opportunity to help contribute to the solution. "National service members will be a critical component to getting nonprofits and communities back on their feet and functioning," says director of community services Maureen Allen. 

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April 13, 2020
Press Statement on Emergency Funding from the State of Ohio

"This funding will be put to immediate use to purchase available items such as: canned fruits and vegetables; canned meats; cereals, pastas and rice; boxed dinners; locally grown produce; locally produced milk, butter, cheese and dairy products through partnerships with the Ohio Dairy Producers Association, Dairy Farmers of America – Mideast Area and the National Farmers Organization; fresh meat and eggs; and essential household cleaning and personal hygiene items. More importantly, this funding will keep some very cash-strapped foodbanks from running out of food and supplies as they see close to double and sometimes even close to triple the demand for their help."

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April 7, 2020
Press Statement on USDA Approval for Ohio Disaster Household Distribution Program

"After weeks of bureaucratic haggling and red tape, the Ohio Association of Foodbanks is relieved that staff, volunteers and members of the Ohio National Guard and Ohio Military Reserve working and serving at Ohio's foodbanks and food pantries have won approval for a program that will better protect their health and safety and meet the needs of struggling Ohioans during this crisis."

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