Press Releases & Media Statements

May 31, 2023

Press Release: Statewide Study Finds Majority of Ohio Foodbank Clients Have to Choose Between Food, Other Basic Needs

A new study conducted by the Ohio Association of Foodbanks found that an alarming number of Ohioans are being forced to choose between buying food and paying for other essential household expenses. The findings are from an anonymous statewide survey conducted from April 14 to May 7, which included 2,087 validated responses from residents of 32.6% of all Ohio zip codes.

May 4, 2023

Press Statement: Reject Threats to Basic Needs Programs

The President and Congressional leaders must refuse budget cuts or policy changes that increase poverty or take food or health care away from people. Ohio’s foodbanks are already at our breaking point, doing our best to stand in the significant gaps left after pandemic-era supports ended in the midst of record inflation and historically high prices. But we cannot begin to make up for the budget shortfalls Ohio households are already facing, and we simply cannot accept a federal budget that harms them further.

Apr 25, 2023

Press Statement: Am. Sub. H.B. 33 and Ohio Foodbanks

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks extends our deepest appreciation to Ohio House Speaker Stephens, Speaker Pro Tempore Oelslager, Finance Chairman Rep. Edwards, Minority Leader Russo, Ranking member Rep. Sweeney, Rep. Seitz, Rep. Cross, Rep. Callender, Rep. Carruthers, Rep. Liston, and members of Ohio House Leadership and the Ohio House Finance Committee for prioritizing hunger relief in the omnibus amendment to H.B. 33.

Feb 28, 2023

Press Statement: End of SNAP Emergency Allotments

"The last SNAP Emergency Allotment was issued this week; next month, Ohioans will lose an average of $86 per person, per month toward their groceries, and many will lose much more – especially older adults, disabled Ohioans and working families. The State of Ohio has the resources it needs to prevent harm and hardship for working families, seniors and other vulnerable people, and we have faith that its elected leaders will continue to step up and respond in their constituents’ time of need.”

Dec 15, 2022

Ohio Association of Foodbanks Joint Statement on End-of-Year Funding to Help Foodbanks Meet Increased Need

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks, along with our 12 regional foodbanks and 3,600 member charities, extend our deepest appreciation to Ohio Governor DeWine, Ohio Senate President Huffman, Ohio House Speaker Cupp, Ohio Senate Finance Chairman Dolan, Ohio House Finance Chairman Oelslager, and members of the Ohio General Assembly for their leadership in providing $25 million in today’s year-end spending bill to help us address ongoing food hardship... with this appropriation, the State of Ohio and its elected leaders have told Ohioans that they believe food security is an essential ingredient for a strong and resilient workforce, thriving children and students, and an older generation that can age in place with dignity."

Oct 3, 2022

Statement on Action by Governor DeWine, Ohio Leaders to Put Protein on the Table for Ohio Families

We thank Governor DeWine for being at the table with us to hear from Ohio foodbanks about the tremendous need and why we need bold action like today’s announcement to make sure hungry Ohioans have the healthy wholesome foods, like Ohio-produced beef, pork, cheese, milk, eggs, chicken, turkey, lamb and more, on their plates each day. Governor DeWine and First Lady Fran DeWine have firmly demonstrated today that they will not allow Ohio’s kids, older adults, parents and caregivers, and workers to go without the balanced food they need to thrive.