Other Programs

We operate other programs to support Ohioans living in or near poverty and the hunger and poverty relief organizations that service them.

National Service Programs

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks has proudly operated a statewide national service program since 2006. We deploy national service members through strategic placements at hunger and poverty relief organizations throughout Ohio.

AmeriCorps VISTA members work on indirect, capacity-building initiatives such as recruiting and coordinating volunteers, developing or improving new or existing programs, expanding new technology, leveraging resources, and more. AmeriCorps VISTAs serve full-time for year-long service terms. If you want to learn more about serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA, or if your organization may be interested in hosting AmeriCorps VISTA(s), visit our recruitment page.

AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates serve for about 10 weeks during the summer months, providing direct service as well as capacity-building support to strengthen Ohio’s Summer Food Service Programs and other summer meals programs. If you want to learn more about serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate, read our 2023 Summer Associates Report "Planting Succes for the Future", or if your organization may be interested in hosting AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate(s), visit our recruitment page.

Through our SeniorCorps Demonstration Project, older adults 55+ can engage in meaningful volunteer service at one of several foodbanks and receive a modest volunteer stipend, as well as a sense of purpose and connection to community. To learn more, contact Maureen Allen.

To learn more about national service and its benefits to members and communities, visit the federal agency AmeriCorps.

Health Care Coverage Outreach and Enrollment

We know that to engender a healthy life and to support overall wellbeing, nutritious food is one of several key components - but it's not the only one. Access to affordable health care is vital, whether in an unexpected emergency or illness or to manage chronic conditions. Medical debt can be debilitating for low- and moderate-income households, and more than half of Ohio foodbank clients report that they have had to choose between affording food or affording medicine/medical care.

To that end, we are proud to partner with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an Affordable Care Act Navigator grantee. We partner with eight local and regional organizations to raise awareness and conduct outreach activities, help individuals shop for and enroll in an affordable Marketplace plan or apply for Medicaid, and promote improved health insurance literacy. We also partner with CMS on a Connecting Kids to Coverage project in central Ohio in partnership with local health insurance outreach assisters. Learn more at getcoveredohio.org.

We also lead a Connecting Kids to Coverage project in central Ohio that focuses on helping low-income families with kids get and stay covered by Medicaid, in partnership with CMS. You can learn more about the Connectings Kids to Coverage campaign at InsureKidsNow.gov.

Benefits Outreach

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks serves as the lead partner on the State of Ohio’s SNAP Outreach Plan, supporting participating Ohio foodbanks and raising awareness about SNAP for underserved and vulnerable Ohio households. If you need help affording food, we’d like to help you learn more about your eligibility to participate in SNAP. Learn more here.

The association also partners with the Ohio Development Services Agency to raise awareness about the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Additionally, many other programs and services exist to help people struggling with household instability. If you’re having trouble paying the bills or keeping food on the table or the lights on, please learn more about how to connect with other resources.